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thoughts fueled by many separate events/conversations

when you are in a relationship
and you love your woman
but you look at other women (I mean you're not dead)
do you ever think
"I wish my girlfriend looked like that"

cuz I'll tell you secret
women do that all the time.

and most women believe that men do it too.

Men don't seem to be insecure about their looks
...but women are.

So, anytime a man mentions looking/appreciating/lusting another woman, his girl thinks he's really wishing SHE looked the same and she hates that feeling.

...But I wonder if men really do think that way. Because that's not the same way women are thinking about it. Women generally wish their men looked better because of status, not for sexual appeal. Although sexual appeal has its place too, women usually want their men to look their best because they know they are being judged by the appeal of the man they "caught". As men like to have something lusty to look at, women like to have something prized to look at. Neither side can claim the other to be more superficial.

Do guys have any idea how much their women worry about the looks of their men?

"yall don't notice 'hints'"
(until we make it a proclamation in the fucking daily paper)

I quote com0rbid: subtlety works on every man...except the one you're directing it toward.

See, one thing women complain about A LOT is how their men "goes to pot" after a certain amount of time passes in the relationship yet he will still look at booby women and comment thereon.
...and she's thinking "what about YOU jackass?"

Am I just insensitive?
are women just WAAAAY more superficial than we think?

or are men just WAAAAY more sensitive to being criticized for their looks than they pretend to be?

What women, by and large, complain about is a man's looks going downhill because he isn't taking care of himself anymore; he doesn't seem to care.
When men are ogling other women, it's usually a young woman who is simply built in a fashion that the guys' girlfriends could never mirror.
So we feel that we are being compared by using an unfair yardstick but when we compare, we are using the yardstick of the man himself, i.e. what he looks like now, against what he looked like a couple of years ago.